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How it Works

Team members get
auto-reminders every
evening to update what
they have done today

They take less than a
minute to reply with
their accomplishments
for the day

A digest mail containing
accomplishments of all
the members is sent to

More goodies when you dive into statusmojo

Like accomplishments to recognize
good work and motivate team

Comment feature lets co-workers
interact and help each other out

Hashtags help you filter conversations
and spot the trends

Simple Reports with beautiful charts insightful analytics


  • Reduces status meetings and phone calls
  • Makes managing remote teams easier
  • Improves team accountability and productivity
  • Builds a culture of trust and transparency
  • Makes employees happier and motivated
  • Saves some serious money for your business

Calculate Your Return On Investment

  • Team Size Nos.
  • Meetings Per Week
  • Meetings Duration Min.
  • Average Salary ₹ / Hr
Calculate ROI

Estimated Annual Savings


On an Investment of ₹ 11800

Not counting the indirect benefit due to an engaged and motivated team